What is live-in care?

Heydays are now offering the option of a live-in care service in addition to our range of professional care services. You can find out more about what live-in care is, what the benefits are and how the service would work in our article below:

What is Live-in Care?

Live-in care is where a professional care giver provides care and support to you or a loved one, whilst residing in your home. This means that there is always someone on hand day and night to help with your daily living and to ensure that your care and support needs are met.

What are the benefits of having Live-in Care?

Affordability: Having a live-in carer can be an affordable alternative to living in a residential care home.

Remain at home: You or your loved one can remain at home with a partner and pets and close to family and friends, in the comfort of familiar surroundings and treasured memories. For many, being able to keep their independence, usual routine, hobbies and social outings is a huge benefit of remaining at home.

Peace of mind: Having a trusted carer and companion there to help with morning and bedtime routines, to keep on top of housework, to cook and enjoy healthy meals with, to enjoy trips out and to keep an eye on your health and wellbeing can be hugely reassuring, particularly if your family and friends don't live close by.

Personalised Care: We would ensure that the carer is matched to you based on your specific care needs, personality, lifestyle and preferences. Having one main carer and a small team of fill-in carers allows trusted relationships and friendships to form. The carers will of course meet our professional standards, compliance and checks. Our team of carers are selected for their genuine compassion, respect, friendliness and professionalism.

How does live-in care work?

Our senior team will come to visit you or your loved one to discuss your needs and chat about our services.

We would then make an assessment and create a care plan tailored to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

We will begin the process of selecting the right carers based on your preferences and then introduce them to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would the same Carer live with me or my loved one 24-7?

We would provide a small team of carers, usually made up of two key Carers that will provide 24-hour care for you and live within your home. The cover may be spilt evenly between the carers, alternating each week or with one carer covering the majority of the care. Each day, your carer will have 2 hours of free time, where one of our other carers will come to be with you.

Do you offer short-term or respite live-in care?

Yes, we are able to provide short term live-in care to provide respite, when someone returns home from hospital, for end of life care or for holiday cover.

Would the Carer be able to provide advanced care for specific conditions?

Yes, we are able to provide advanced care and support for individuals who may be bed-bound, for individuals with Dementia, Parkinson's or Neurone diseases, or for individuals requiring palliative care.


If you have any other questions about our live-in care service, please give us a call to speak to a member of friendly team on 015395 52548 or 01229 808023.