Working in Care

Find out more about what it’s like to work for Heydays and whether a career in care could be right for you.

The Heart of Home Care

Why Work in Care?

Recent times have highlighted what an important sector the care industry is and how valuable our carers are within our communities.

More than just a job

Whilst working in care may not be for everyone, it can be amazingly rewarding and often not feel like work at all!

Knowing that what you do is making a REAL difference to the lives of others gives job satisfaction like no other. A simple smile on a client’s face when you arrive to greet them or a thank you spoken from the heart are the little moments that make the work so worthwhile!

The nature of the work means that Carers often work closely with their colleagues and clients, allowing trusted and valued relationships to be built. In fact, many of our carers tell us that their colleagues and clients become like family members!

Being a Care and Support Worker can often allow a greater level of flexibility so that your working hours can be tailored around your life and family requirements.

The role of a Care and Support Worker is varied and every day will be different. With ongoing training and experience, further career progression is also available as you work your way up to senior positions. 

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Caring is all about providing personal care

Wrong, care work is about so much more! Our carers develop trusted relationships with their assigned clients and often provide a wide range of social and emotional care and support services.

Every day is different when you're working as a carer!


Caring is an unskilled


Wrong, Care & Support Workers are highly skilled healthcare workers who have completed comprehensive training and qualifications.

Many carers will continue and develop their specialist training throughout their career, which enhances their personal development. 


Most care givers are middle aged women

Wrong, Care and Support workers comprise a hugely diverse demographic. At Heydays, we employ and happily recruit a diverse mix of staff for our team, including men and women, people from all ethnic backgrounds, and from a wide age range who meet our job requirements.

Why Join Heydays Care & Support?

Our staff are our strength and we treat them as such! We are very proud of our wonderful team of carers and support staff that make our company so special. 

Join the Heydays Team

All our carers are fully employed by us and we invest heavily in staff training and support, so each member of our team feels valued and motivated. 

We have a dedicated training facility and in-house trainers, who are there to support staff with their initial and ongoing training needs as well as progression opportunities.

Some of the benefits that we offer our Care and Support Workers include:

  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Contracted hours
  • Paid travel time
  • Pension scheme
  • Comprehensive, regular training
  • Full uniform (including fleece) and PPE
  • Continuity and personality matching of clients
  • Flexible working and rotas set around your availability
  • Refer a friend scheme
  • Superb support from management
  • Scope for promotion and career opportunities
  • Support and shadowing during your first weeks where you will meet your clients alongside an experienced member of staff before you work independently.

What some of our staff say about us

I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for – the staff and clients are absolutely fantastic. I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to work for such a lovely business.


What some of our staff say about us

Heydays have been very flexible about my family’s needs and I feel that I have a good work/life balance which is supported by the company. The team are a great bunch of people, who all work together well and are always there to talk to about anything.


What some of our staff say about us

I have never been better looked after or valued by any other company in my 20 years of being a carer! My rotas were tailored to my personal and family needs and I had a fantastic team around me with wonderful co-workers who were knowledgeable and dedicated.