Dementia Care Services

A professional care service for people with dementia

Continuity, familiarity and a friendly and trusted face are important to Dementia sufferers. At Heydays, our team have the specialist knowledge and experience to provide high quality care for individuals suffering with Dementia in the South Lakes area.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of Dementia already affect 1 in 14 people over the age of 65, and cases are rising. Sadly, Dementia not only affects those suffering from the illness but also the loved ones of those people. 

We understand what a worrying and anxious time it can be when looking for the right care for a loved one, to ensure that they receive the support and attention they need, during what can feel like a very isolating illness. Many families opt for home care rather than residential care, to enable their loved one to stay in the place that they know and love.

We help with everyday tasks and personal care

Individuals diagnosed with Dementia may have difficulty carrying out everyday tasks such as caring for themselves, maintaining their household, cooking or even going to the toilet. 

We offer continuity of care

At Heydays, all our clients receive consistent care from their own small team of primary carers. We believe that this enables a trusted relationship to be built between our care staff and clients, thus avoiding any unnecessary distress or confusion.

We help to make a difference

As with all our care provision, we aim to make a positive difference to individuals lives. With Dementia sufferers, our team will often spend time engaging in happy conversation and reminiscing with clients, as well as helping with hobbies, interests and physical activities.

We have highly trained and knowledgeable staff

Our staff training programme ensures that our carers have all undertaken extensive knowledge and skills-based training and assessments to enable them to give outstanding Dementia Care. This is important as Dementia sufferers may become easily confused or forgetful and may sometimes behave in an unusual or unexpected way. Our team will understand this and know how to respond and diffuse stressful situations. 

We offer assurance

With Heydays, you have the peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for by a company with an outstanding local reputation, and company that is professionally managed, licensed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

If you are seeking some help or advice for finding the right care for a loved one with Dementia, click the HOW TO GET STARTED link below.

“Thanks to Heydays, Mum is now back in her own home surrounded by her own things. The care and support that she is receiving is excellent, she is living the way she wants to and is back to being happy and content”

Sally, Kenda

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