South Lakes pensioners share their ‘pearls of wisdom’

Carers from the South Lakes and Furness home care provider, Heydays Care and Support Services have been asking clients to share their advice through social media with the younger generation this summer.

The idea came about when Care and Support worker, Laura Deakin from Barrow-in-Furness saw a photograph online.

Laura said, “It made me think about the conversations that me and my colleagues have regularly with our clients and how it could be a fun thing for us all to do.

“The majority of our clients are older, with some well over 90 years old. They have so much life experience and are always coming out with pearls of wisdom. When we talk to them, we often discover that they’ve had to deal with a lot of adversity, but they always come out smiling.”

This summer, Laura and her colleagues took up the task of asking clients what advice they would give to the younger generations and shared this via photographs on Heydays Facebook page.

Dawn Darby, Co-Founder and Registered Manger said, “When Laura approached me with the idea, I thought it was great. We know that our carers spend a lot of time talking to clients about their lives.

“Some of our clients are like living history books; they’ve lived through so much and a lot of their advice is relevant to the youngsters of today.”

Laura added, “I noticed that lots of our clients were saying similar things, such as to work hard and look after each other. It reflects the times that they were brought up in, but I think it’s just as useful today as we’re living through things like the Covid pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.”

Heydays hope that releasing the images on social media will offer some reassurance and useful advice to other during the coming months.

You can find the advice for younger generation from the pensioners of South Lakes  on Heydays Facebook page

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