Planning the right support for later life

Support comes in all kinds of different forms and at different stages of our lives, starting with the care we receive from our parents as children.

As we get older, our support needs may change as a result of health changes or a change in circumstance.

Although a sensitive topic, making plans for our future needs can be worthwhile, even if it feels a long way away.  Doing so can allow financial plans to be put in place as well as having those important conversations with loved ones. It can also be crucial in the event of an unexpected illness or life-changing event.

The options may feel overwhelming but there is plenty of help and advice out there!

Homecare is becoming the most popular option in the UK as it allows individuals to stay in their own home and continue to live as independently as possible, whilst being able to rely on the support of a professional carer. This option is also flexible, allowing an individual to set up a personalised plan to meet their changing needs.

Things you should consider when planning the right support for later life include the type of care or support you may need, for example, do you have specialist medical needs or perhaps you no longer own a vehicle and need assistance to keep you active within your community?

When considering your preferences, speak to your children as it is something that often affects the whole family. Your budget should be another consideration and lastly, spend time doing some research to find out what others say about the local companies in your area.

If you have questions about planning your care or support, feel free to chat to a member of our friendly team at Heydays Care & Support on 015395 52548 or 01229 808023